Our Focus for the year is Science and Labs!

  • We begin each day opening in prayer, a worship song, and a Bible lesson.

  • This year we will be covering multiple areas of Science including: Intro to Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, Astronomy, Human Body, Animals, Plants, Weather and more! Also, we will have a Science Lab with a hands on experiment or game related to the topic of the day.

  • We will have weekly Music and Drawing classes for 3rd-5th graders, and Singing/Dancing Music and Science Story Time classes for Kindergarten-2nd graders.

  • We will have P.E. for everyone as well.

What's New?

  • We remain a Bible based Co-Op with the focus on Education inside and outside the classroom while building community and lasting friendships!

  • We remain an “all hands on deck” style co-op. Parent/guardian must be present throughout day.

    • What’s new: Moms will now be required to assist in 1-2 areas/classes per week. On the application, you will see the list of all assistant positions to chose your top 3. Once everyone has applied, you will be given your assignment that will be your responsibility throughout the year.

    • All forms will be filled out in one location, online, no more writing! Each parent will be required to sign 2 copies of the Release of Liability on the first day of co-op. One for us and one for Upper Room Church.

No More Formal Nursery Classes Offered.

If you have a child younger than Kindergarten, you are welcome to stay in the church nursery with the child, but they are to remain under your supervision and responsibility throughout the day. We cannot have them in the main learning areas to avoid distracting classes. If this privilege is abused, or rules not adhered to, we reserve the right to revoke nursery privileges and or LWHC family membership without refund.

New Older Kid Study Room!

If you have a child older than 5th grade, we will now have a designated study room for them! We will have 1-2 moms sitting in for safety. The children can study, use tablets/laptops (with headphones), or talk quietly with others. In order for your child to use this room they must be capable of self control, appropriate behavior, and will be required to follow church and co-op rules. These children will remain your responsibility. The discipline and violence policies will apply to these children as well. If the Study Room privilege is abused, or rules not adhered to, we reserve the right to revoke Study Room privileges and or LWHC family membership without refund.